Translate text into sign languages, quick and easy.


TxtToSL's services translate text into sign languages.

We currently support 8 sign languages in our API, and 6 sign languages in our web app. However, they have varying support, as can be seen in the sign language dropdown in TxtToSL Web.

TxtToSL Web

Our web app for using TxtToSL API. It is free and open source.


Our API, it is free, but not open source.

TxtToSL API Wrapper for NodeJS

We have made our own API wrapper for NodeJS, it allows translating using our API simple and easy.

TxtToSL (API) Docs

The docs for our API.



Videos of real people signing

Unlike others, we use videos of real people signing, not still pictures or simple drawn animations.

Free and public, with no rate limiting

You won't get any rate limiting problems here.

Several sign languages in many languages

No one else has this many sign languages avaliable.

TxtToSL Web

Progressive Web App

Allows the app to be installed onto devices and act like a native app.

Open Source

TxtToSL Web is open source, and has many contributors. Being open source allows us to develop and expand more easily whilst recieving help and contributors from the community.


After loading, the app only makes requests every hour and when the user translates.

A range of options

Choose the video hoster, quality, speed, and more.

Simple, responsive, Material Design UI

The accessible UI allows for easy use, no matter the size of the device.

Dark Theme

TxtToSL Web was built with dark mode since the start, making it continue to look good whilst being easy on your eyes.

TxtToSL API Wrapper for NodeJS


By using Promises, translation is asynchronous so it doesn't take up the main thread, allowing other things to happen in the background whilst translating.

TxtToSL (API) Docs

Modern and simple UI

With a modern and simple UI, it is easy to find out how to use our API.


"I wanted to make a Google Translate-like translator. Not always 100% accurate but still alright, as well as easy and simple to use."

- Oj, Director of Oojmed


Development is led by Oojmed, a non-profit software development organisation. However, all of our code (including this site) except the API / server is open source on our GitHub profile.


TxtToSL Web


TxtToSL (API) Docs

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  • JS (+ JQuery)